From the beginning of my career, I have been through a variety of challenging and exciting task, which is of course, still in my primary passion for mechanical engineering:
  • Boiler & Turbine Assessment Engineer: Boiler Inspection & Remaining Life Assessment, Steam Turbine Inspection, and Gas Turbine Comprehensive Rotor Inspector
  • Boiler Maintenance Engineer
  • Welding Inspector
  • NDT Inspector: UT Level 2, PT Level 1 & MT Level 1
  • Power Plant Engineer: Plant Reliability Improvement
  • Project Planning and Controlling Maintenance Overhaul / Turnaround of Power Plant
  • Plant Technician: Turbine, Boiler, Pump, Heat Exchanger, Piping, Fan, Pressure Vessel (During Pre-Employment Trainee)
  • Product Design Engineer.


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