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Fundamental of Boiler Field Inspection

Boiler tubes are normally routine inspected during scheduled maintenance outage and power plant overhaul. Sometimes they are also inspected when the boiler is shut down due to a failure or derating. Maintenance and inspection are always constrained by schedule. In this condition, there is required strategy to produce optimal inspection.Pre Outage Preparation Planning is key to project success. Inspector should prepare and review the following items: Review boiler document and drawingReview maintenance history data include past failure mechanism and work orderReview previous inspection report, failure trends, and statistic.Review operation data include the policy on soot blowing and load management, abnormal boiler water, temperature, and fuel event.Review any potential failure in similar boiler type.Prepare checklist, procedure and inspection sheet.Prepare detailed schedule and workgroup.SafetyTube inspections are normally conducted when the boiler is out service and cooled. However, t…